The Hague, Netherlands, June 17 — The UNFCCC Bonn Climate Conference came to a close yesterday with civil society calling out a lack of breakthroughs on key issues and a disconnect between the negotiation rooms and the reality of people suffering from climate-induced loss and damage.

Sven Harmeling, Global Policy Co-Lead for Climate Change and Resilience, CARE International, said: 

“The Bonn UN climate talks were meant to lay the groundwork for an ambitious and fair COP27 outcome, but countries have barely progressed on the critical work programme on mitigation to stay within the 1.5°C limit. Breaching this temperature threshold would have disastrous consequences for vulnerable populations across the planet. Concerningly, it is also not assured that COP27 will deliver a much needed new facility for funding actions to address loss and damage from climate impacts. This loss and damage facility is critical to help affected people, in particular women and girls, to manage the increasingly harsh impacts of climate change. It is shameful how developed countries blocked agreement on securing a place on the COP27 agenda for this matter.”  

Marlene Achoki, Global Policy Co-Lead for Climate Justice, CARE International, said:

“Developing countries came to Bonn prepared to engage with Parties and advance work on important issues in a comprehensive and balanced manner, creating the right conditions for a successful outcome at COP27. Unfortunately this was not the case for most agenda items.  

One of the main discussions in Bonn was a midterm review of the gender action plan (GAP) but this resulted in a stalemate, with developed countries blocking key texts that would enhance developing countries ability to implement the GAP. Climate finance, once again, was the deal breaker. There were some small steps forward on adaptation, with the first workshop on the Sharm el-Sheikh programme aiming to enhance a common understanding on building resilience. But overall, progress on the key issues for climate vulnerable populations was blocked by developed countries, putting pressure on COP27 in Egypt this November to deliver the people-centered outcome we need.”


Contacts: Juliet Perry, Communications Lead, Climate Justice Center, CARE International,, +31615574513