CARE Bangladesh has a long history of working on climate change and is well known for its pioneering tools and methods, particularly in climate change advocacy and programming. Yet, even with these positive investments, CARE, like many other organizations, is only just beginning to feel the gravity of the challenge it faces.

CARE Bangladesh aims to enhance its climate change programming and portfolio in the coming years to continue to address the increasing severity of climate change in Bangladesh.

CARE Bangladesh has also been at the forefront of exploring the Forecast-Based Early Action (FbA) mechanism to save lives and livelihoods, reduce vulnerability and the humanitarian burden, and increase resilience against climatic disasters.

Reaching Resilience: CARE Bangladesh Strategy to Disaster Risk Reduction & Climate Adaptation

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Reaching Resilience – CARE Bangladesh Strategy to Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation is built on CARE’s solid foundation of climate work. This includes a strong presence in climate vulnerable areas, promoting gender-equitable responses to climate change, focusing on rights-based approaches and working across the spectrum from humanitarian assistance to longer-term development. Given that climate change is an interconnected global problem severely impacting CARE’s mission and the rights of the poorest people, CARE Bangladesh will continue to frame its work in the context of climate justice and equity.