CARE International began work in Cote d’Ivoire in 2000. CARE assists people displaced by the civil unrest, who lack food and potable water in some regions, and face serious health issues in regions where formal health systems have crumbled. CARE concentrates on regions deprived of basic public services with projects throughout the country in urban sanitation, rehabilitation, and social cohesion. Today, CARE Cote d’Ivoire focuses on urban sanitation, social cohesion, peace-building and conflict resolution, malaria, HIV and AIDS, repairing infrastructure, strengthening institutions, micro-finance and helping people earn a living. 

CARE is among few INGOs operating in Cote d’Ivoire that promote citizen participation in the creation of an informal green economy. CARE promotes the creation of small-scale supply chains of manures produced from recycled solid waste and used water from low-income households as an alternative to the lack of public sewage systems in the slums of urban cities of Bouake and Katiola. The project interventions contribute to the conservation of natural soils, and safety and security of water used for human drinking consumption.