CARE Egypt has been serving local individuals, communities and organizations since 1954. Today, CARE Egypt focuses its operations primarily in Upper Egypt where it works in direct cooperation with some of the poorest and most marginalized communities in partnership with local organizations to initiate sustainable change. In building the capacity of local individuals and organizations instead of providing direct services, CARE undertakes a sustainable approach to development so that the impacts last beyond the timeframe of interventions.

CARE Egypt has four main programs: The Women’s Rights program, the Education program, the Governance and Civic Engagement program, and the Agricultural and Natural Resources (ANR) program.

The Agriculture and Natural Resources program aims to contribute to social justice for poor farmers through their participation as part of the solution to internal and external challenges. The program contributes to increasing the access of rural families living under the poverty line to the resources and services necessary to guarantee them a sustainable income from the agricultural sector. The program targets small scale farmers and rural families which are headed by women.

The ANR program also works on addressing the new challenges that result from climate change, for while it is a global phenomenon, it disproportionately affects small scale farmers, impacting them severely at the social and economic levels. The program therefore works on enhancing the role of marginalized rural communities in planning and decision-making processes related to the management and use of scarce natural resources.