Somalia/Somaliland has been experiencing more frequent and severe droughts in recent years as natural resource degradation and climate change continue to exacerbate this problem. Rural communities particularly bear the brunt of drought since their main livelihoods are closely entwined with weather and the environment. Women, girls, young children and the elderly are particularly vulnerable due to their physical abilities (mobility), roles in households and relatively limited access to critical resources and services.

CARE Somalia has been providing development and lifesaving assistance across all regions of Somalia/Somaliland since 1981. To strengthen communities to better cope with future disasters and the increasing impacts of climate change, and address persistent problems of poverty and marginalization, CARE is implementing a variety of longer-term development activities aimed at addressing the underlying causes of poverty in Somalia/Somaliland. The development programs aim to support marginalized women and youth through innovative projects in education, water and sanitation, sustainable environmental activities, civil society development, peace building and governance and small scale enterprise development.

CARE works in partnership with Somali and international NGOs, civil society leaders, local authorities, consortia, universities and private sector in order to bring effective and lasting change to the most vulnerable communities.